Ski & Snowboard Course Reps Review – Week 4

csia level 1 pass

Week 4 begins after a massive powder filled weekend, it just seems like it’s going to keep snowing forever here at Biggie with now way over 550cm cumulative snowfall!!!

We’re absolutely loving this season so much as the snow brings bigger beaming smiles to our students faces…. Even with the level 1 exams looming on Wednesday!

The level 3 training this week is led by CASI director Jamie Forbes, his reputation and burley exuberance definitely outweighs his small physique, and boy, you should see him ride! The training focus is on Free riding and Off Piste, and the lads couldn’t have asked for better snow conditions , “All hale The God of Snow Ullr this winter” !! we salute you!

nothinbutsnow cai level 3 course students

Tuesday brings the final training day and last preparations are carried out before the Level 1 ski and snowboard exams commence. It’s a blue bird day again and most of the time is spent at the Valley of Happiness getting those last teaches dialed and demo’s perfected.

nothinbtsnow skier bluebird day at big white nothinbutsnow snowboarders bluebird day at big white

When we arrived in the village on the first day of the Level 1 exams we were expecting to see a few nervous faces and shaking knees, however, we were surprised to be confronted by confidence and eager attitudes before the groups were split up with their examiners on Wednesday morning. Today the students listen, watch and take note of what is really expected from them over the next two days to enable passing.

Thursday and Friday morning really allowed our students to shine as they demonstrated all that they had learned since arriving in January. From shooting aliens in the trees to riding broomsticks and using pizzas and French fries as learning techniques, our students taught their little hearts out and really made us proud…. And now they wait on results time…… Eeeeeeek!!! This is when we saw a few nerves during the hour where the examiners compared notes to decide individually whether each student had passed or failed!

Expecting nothing less than a perfect outcome NBS Ant and I headed to Sam’s and decorated the pub with congratulation banners and NBS signs and Emily (one of our already Level 1 students from previous years) made a million cup cakes, so we laid all of them out with balloons and waiting for everyone to arrive!

nothinbutsnow banners and cupcakes

Pass rates were at an all time high with even some above standard results thrown in, what do you expect from the most successful company on the market! and so the celebrations erupted!

IMG_0295 NothinButSnow casi level 1 passed

The celebrating continued all weekend and I have to say it’s been the best week for us so far! Our students now head into week 5 as not just students anymore but fully certified ski and snowboard instructors…. What a bunch of Heroes they are!