CASI Snowboard Instructor Qualifications

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CASI also known as the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors are the professional snowboard teaching body in Canada.

The CASI mission statement is “To promote the sport of snowboarding, snowboard instruction and the profession of snowboard teaching in Canada by training and certifying snowboard instructors to ensure that a national standard of safe and efficient snowboard instruction is maintained.”

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CASI is an organisation who train and certify snowboard instructors to a level that ensures a national high standard of safe and efficient snowboard instruction. This is maintained to serve the Canadian snowboarding public and the ski/snowboarding industry. NothinButSnow offers four CASI snowboarding qualifications.

All NothinButSnow’s snowboard courses provide the high standard of teaching you need to make the grade from some of the best snowboard instructors in the business!

CASI snowboard instructor qualifications cover:

  • Class management
  • Lesson planning
  • Teaching methods
  • Technique development
  • Rider improvement


CASI Level 1 Snowboard Qualification

The CASI level 1 is designed to give students the skills necessary to begin their role as a instructor in the snow sports industry.  Learning to deliver the CASI QuickRide system is it’s core fundamental.

The CASI level 1 snowboard course combines snowboarding technique and teaching methods both on snow and during indoor classes. Candidates will receive training on beginner teaching methods, understanding of basic snowboard technique, as well as lesson planning and effective communication skills. The CASI level 1 course is designed to give students the skills necessary to begin their role as a new instructor in the industry.

During the course coaching will be provided on your snowboarding ability along with feedback on teaching skills. Not only are you being prepared for the Level 1, but you also receive advice and strategies for future development.

This course not only improves your riding ability but also includes:

  • Class Management
  • Lesson Planning
  • The CASI Skills Concept
  • Teaching Methodology


CASI Level 2 Snowboard Qualification

The goal of the Level 2 qualification is to develop a skills-based teaching approach to instruct intermediate and advanced snowboarders. Holding a Level 2 qualification you will be able to teach globally around the world with the exception of France. You will be able to analyse a snowboarder spot weak areas and deliver various tactics to help them improve.

The CASI Level 2 instructor qualification is for any snowboarder that has passed the Level 1 exam and wishes to progress and achieve a higher CASI certification. Holding the level 2 certification, allows for the teaching of more experienced snowboarders and is recognized as a global qualification.

The goal of the Level 2 course is to develop a skills-based teaching approach for intermediate and advanced snowboarding, as well as an understanding of CASI technique and methodology.  You will gain the skills necessary to analyse a snowboarder and improve weaknesses in their riding.

Like the Level 1 you will receive coaching on your snowboarding as well as teaching skills.
Level 2 combines:

  • Rider Improvement
  • Snowboard teaching methods
  • Technical understanding and development
  • Development of student interaction
  • Development of technical analysis skills


CASI Level 3 Snowboard Qualification

The goal of the Level 3 is to further develop your skill base and situational teaching approach for high level snowboarding. You will also acquire an understanding of CASI technique and methodology, and an introduction to instructor training (pedagogy) will be developed. It combines practical snowboard teaching methods, technical understanding and development, as well as development of analysis and session planning skills.

This is a real step up and your goal as a level 3 is not only to teach advanced snowboarders but to be able to lead instructor training. You will have a developed knowledge in teaching on piste, freeride and freestyle.

Holding this qualification cements your position within the snowboard school and within the industry as an advanced instructor.

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