CSIA Ski Instructor Qualifications

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All training delivered by NothinButSnow is governed by the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance. The CSIA ski instructor qualifications are regarded as highly prestigious in the ski instructor world.

The CSIA are the leaders in the profession of ski instruction and the most valued and respected contributor to the sport of skiing. They have developed a safe and positive guest experience, a progressive approach and set national standards in ski teaching.

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They are well known for high teaching standards ensuring students learn effective skiing techniques as well as gaining a proper understanding of ski safety. All the while ensuring students evolve in to confident and competent ski instructors.

CSIA ski instructor qualifications cover:

  • Class management
  • Lesson planning
  • Teaching methods
  • Technique development
  • Rider improvement

CSIA Level 1 Ski Qualification

The Level 1 qualification is your introductory certification. Enabling you to tech complete beginners how to ski. You will be able to take someone from never setting foot on a pair of skis up to the introduction of parallel skiing.

You will gain an expert knowledge on ‘Fasttrack to Parallel’ the CSIA’s own methodology on ski training. This is the first step and a requirement when going on to be an instructor.

The level 1 skill set, establishes the foundation of technique required to ski effectively and efficiently. You will develop a solid stance and balance over your skis, understand the importance of turning the lower body when pivoting and the relation to when movements should be performed via timing and coordination.

CSIA Level 2 Ski Qualification

Holding a Level 2 qualification in skiing will entitle you to teach globally around the world. Your main focus will be instructing skiers of an intermediate to advanced level.

You will have analytical skills and be able to confidently deliver drills and tactics to improve a students ability as well as help them reach their goals. This is a must have qualification if you are serious about wanting to work as an instructor.

Using the foundation of skills from your level 1 skiing, you will add on a further two skills comprising of edging and pressure control.

CSIA Level 3 Ski Qualification

A major step up from the previous two levels your focus as a qualified Level 3 instructor is to teach advanced skiers. With a superior knowledge of the CSIA ski technique and methodology you will be in a position to start to train participants how to become instructors.

This is the highest you can reach within the CSIA ski instructor qualifications through a dedicated training programme.

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