CSIA Ski Instructor Course Diary Week 8 – Big White

Penultimate week of ski lessons started today. It was also our second week with Sander and we decided to stay in the same groups as the previous week because we felt completely comfortable with him and were happy to recap on last week and then to continue progressing forward.

We met in the village as usual at 9.30am, everything absolutely falling into place now, level two creeping into the horizon ever so quickly. We began our lessons in bluebird conditions, making the most of every opportunity to learn, improve and develop our skills, Sander doing absolutely everything to make sure we were skiing as much as possible and enjoying every slope on the mountain.

As the week went on we began taking our own lessons, teaching other members in our group intermediate parallel, advance parallel and short turns. We were given complete control of the lesson, choosing appropriate terrain, tactics and skill development. It is one thing being taught, but teaching really tests your understanding of the technicalities of skiing and the best way to keep lessons moving quickly, the students skiing and most importantly not over complicating anything.

Wednesday was no different to the usual routine of tacos and wings. We had some apres coronas before skiing home for a tactical change, ditching our boots so we could last even longer; our instructor being slap-bang in the middle of the action indulging in our gap antics and making new gap memories with us. The rest of the week was back to making assessments of other skiers on the mountain, one another in the class, and how to amend the basics to make us stronger skiers. By teaching one another we discovered a new understanding of explaining skiing with demonstrations and how to use simple and understandable lexis.

Suddenly it is Friday again, our second last week of lessons over, and to celebrate all our hard work we merged groups and spent the afternoon in park in the glorious sunshine jibbing around off rails and rollers. I was an absolute sight in the park, and with the chair lift running straight up through the middle there was no hiding my poor attempt. But at least I gave the others something to giggle about, and it is about taking part right? I do now have a new understanding and appreciation for the park and seeing the pros in action is really something so amazing in comparison to watching them on television.

Friday night was insane. We went to Kelowna to watch the Kelowna Rockets smash the Vancouver Giants 6 – 0. It was so surreal. We absolutely made the atmosphere, starting Mexican waves and cheering at every given opportunity. Following that we ventured into Kelowna town to experience some real Canadian nightlife, staying in a motel, like something out of My Name Is Earl; with 6 in the room (according to the staff), when realistically there were 10 of us. One big happy NBS sleepover. Saturday we shopped in Kelowna and got the bus back late afternoon for Sander’s mix ‘n’ match fancy dress party. I donned pink and purple thermal leggings, a flower print skirt, and blue and black aztec tee and an orange Canadian hoodie. Oh lord such a sight. We were absolute children at the party playing games of spoons, flip cup and the cardboard game.

Sunday, as anticipated, I did not feel 100%. I didn’t even try and ski, instead myself and another girl went for a civalised late lunch and then came back in to do some washing and have a little nap to sooth my head. Early to bed Sunday night in anticipation of our final week of lessons.