CSIA Ski Instructor Course Diary Week 7 – Big White

Monday was a much needed rest day within the NBS ski camp, but despite not having scheduled lessons we were still out playing in the fresh powder for as long as our fragile heads would allow. We skied lift lines and left new tracks in between the trees. As you can imagine we were completely shattered by half seven and we were in bed pretty early Monday night.

Tuesday we met our new ski instructor, Sander, a guy who successfully completed a gap programme only three years ago and is now half way through his fourth season in Big White. He brought so much new enthusiasm to NBS seeing as he is such a similar age to us all and completed his instructor qualifications so recently. We spent the week watching one another in the group skiing and learning how to tune our eyes into how to make a good assessment and knowing the appropriate tactics on how to improve our technique.

Wednesday was spent skiing within the trees over at Gem Lake- we attacked the moguls too, leading one another to specific runs to make sure we know the mountain in preparation of our level two. As usual, we indulged in tacos on Wednesday evening, everyone out in force. Everyone now recognising one another on and off the slopes, instructors, staff and even the guys from the other gap programmes. It is massively social and very much like living in a bubble. The rest of the week we continued to work on our assessment skills and how to pull out what needs improving within our skiing. We focused on group tactics and moulding them around our personal needs, something which is a big part of the level 2 assessment.

Friday evening we had our weekly evaluation in our pyjamas (our instructors idea), which very quickly escalated to a huge pyjama party on the mountain, everyone wishing they had been given the dress code prior; it was a great conversation starter.

The weekend was amazing, Saturday we had an early group ski for a few hours, shredding the mountain in force followed by a hot tub session and then a highly needed nap. Saturday evening we were invited to a house party across the street in celebration of a birthday, another perk of living in the bubble; invites falling out of your years. Sunday was the perfect rest day. I attempted to ski but after a couple of runs I had to admit defeat and instead retreat back to the sofa with a chick flick and my duvet, both of which was much needed.