Ski Instructor Course Diary – Week 4

NothinButSnow ski instructor course week 4

This week was a huge week for everyone. We were all taking our level 1 ski and snowboard instructor courses. We skied for the first 2 days with our instructor and focused on ski improvement and went over a few things we’d experience on our level 1 course.

From Wednesday to Friday our level 1 took place. Our ski group was split up into 2 and we also had some of the general public – I became increasingly nervous! First chair up was fine though as we went up in partners and were told to get to know each other, find out why we are doing the course and where we’ve skied etc. This is because when we become instructors we need to understand out clients current ability and their goals for what they want out of their lessons. I liked this part as it was a nice way of calming some of the nerves! Also, because it was a course, it was nice and progressive so we were assessed throughout the 3 days rather than sitting down for an exam. I enjoyed the three days as I felt like I learnt so much and feel confident enough to take on a beginner class now.

On Friday we finished earlier, quickly went back, showered and then got ready for the big night ahead! We had to be back up to the village in less than an hour from finishing to find out our results so hearts were racing! My group was announced first and our assessor and instructor announced how pleased he was that we had all passed! I was buzzing as I received my certificate, CSIA badge and my feedback. The other group and all the snowboarders also all passed! 100% pass rate all round! Now time to celebrate!!!!

We took a few pictures then went to Snowshoes Sam’s where we celebrated in true fashion with jugs of cider/beer, food, cake and lots of pool playing! Everyone was so happy and it was really busy because it was a Friday night – great vibes all round! I can’t believe I can call myself a certified ski instructor! It doesn’t quite feel real! Buzzing that we now have 6 weeks to improve even more, ready for our level 2.

Saturday morning was a bit rough after a big night but me and a couple others planned to make a trip down to Kelowna so I had to grin and bear it! After a smoothie, coffee and some breakie I was ready! Another fabulous thing about being on a ski season is that if you do feel a bit hungover, the fresh mountain air can help you overcome it pretty quickly! We went to Walmart, BulkBarn, the mall – you name it, we went there! I was so pleased I went but I was even more pleased to get home and just chill –  early night for me!

On Sunday I went for a morning ski, my flat mates went too but I went on my own because I really do enjoy a ski to myself sometimes! It can be so therapeutic, whether I listen to music or just ski around the quieter beautiful bits of the mountain. I love Sunday skiing for that reason… it isn’t as busy as Friday or Saturday and this Sunday was soooo sunny! Forever in awe!

I just skied for a few hours then came back and the flat got ready and headed to a flat gathering for the super bowl. One of the snowboarders was leaving as he just came for improvement for 4 weeks rather than doing the course so it was a special farewell for him. We then went out for a meal later and then a little more drinking! I went home after the meal though because I was so tired after such an action-packed week!