NothinButSnow Reps

So this week brings the count down to exams!

Well … it’s really just our first assessment and our guys are within popping distance to becoming fully qualified ski and snowboard instructors! Level one usually brings out some nerves for most and excitement for others, but we’re here for much encouragement and offerings of positive vibes ! Keeping our team sprits high and worry at a low, with lots of reassurance and confidence building is key ! 

Deep down we know our students have had the best training from the Big White ski school and they are fully ready for what this week brings ,,, it’s just getting them to believe in themselves as much as we do is sometimes trickier ! 

The progression we’ve seen up to this point is phenomenal, the NBS crew is something to be recognised and also something to be very proud of this year ! 

Our hopes are to keep our 100% pass rate record and to have smiles all round come Friday ! 

So Monday and Tuesday were the last two training days and lots of practice teaches and final riding and skiing tweaks were performed and dialled ! 

Wednesday came about and we were met at at 9am in the village centre by some very nervous quiet students soon to be comforted by the friendly CASI and CSIA examiners ! Frowns turned upside down after a few heckles from us saying “it’s only snowboarding “, ” it’s only skiing ” , “have fun ! ” “don’t think of it as an exam , you’ve all got this in the bag” , “go get those certificates!!” High fives were given all round and off they slid to start the courses ! 

Two days went and Friday came and the confidence amongst them built but also still some anxiety filtered through the group! Little did they need to worry ! 

We didn’t ever doubt them to be fair and by 4pm every one of our fantastic students had a certificate in their hand and and title of either ski or snowboard instructor under their belts ! We couldn’t be happier and neither could all of them so we continued the celebrations into the pub and NBS took over !! Many drinks were poured and shots were downed and the congratulations continued until the early hours ! 

Massive well done again to everyone that took their level ones and thanks to all the support they received from back home and also thanks to our wonderful instructors ! A top Team effort guys ! 

On a slightly separate note now we must not forget our hard working snowboarding level 3 candidates who are being beasted on the daily and really are being pushed wayyyy out of their comfort zones ! It’s no easy feat but all are successfully throwing themselves down the hills at mach chicken speeds and this week was a free ride focus … so they have all been throwing themselves off cliffs and tree jibs too! Sadly we had one casualty and our dearest Emily broke her wrist trying to go through some very narrow trees ! Touch wood … excuse the pun , but we hope this will be our only injury if the seasons ! 

This week we must also say a big goodbye to one of our 4 week improvement course students as the time had come to say our fairwells to Raymond ! An Aussie legend and a great character he is and will be greatly missed ! Such tight friendships are made on this course and so sorry to see them fly the nest going home so early while the rest of us get to keep enjoying the paradise that the Canadian rockies offers us for another 2 months ! “Sorry ray ray!” 

It’s often not goodbye anyway , just a ‘so long’ as this community we have all entered into on the ski hills is small and you will more than likely end up working together again somewhere in the world! NBS family is proof of this and massive congratulations again to all our students , this is just the beginning of your future snowy filled lives !!! 

Over and out , we sign of as the proudest reps around , 

Ant and joey ✌?