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Ski Courses You Can Enrol On.

Ski instructor courses from NothinButSnow cater for individuals looking for a variety of specific results. Some are keen to take a ski course to qualify as an instructor, but with a focus on freestyle skiing. Others tend to stick to progressing through the ranks of ski instruction to obtain a higher certification and some even wish to qualify in both disciplines to give themselves a wider appeal to the jobs market for employment.

No matter what your individual requirements are, NothinButSnow has a ski instructor course for you. Don’t be put off by talk of becoming a ski instructor if that is not your wish though. Ski instructor courses offer a perfect way to improve your skiing ability whist living and experiencing life in a ski resort. All of our ski courses take place in British Columbia, Canada over 4 and 11 weeks. A NothinButSnow ski instructor course is an ideal choice to take your first step into arguably the most exciting career on the planet. With the mountain becoming your office, the ability to enjoy fresh snow and sunny skies each day, endless fun and laughter, crazy apres-ski and unbreakable lifelong friendships. It’s hard to not question "why on earth did I not do this sooner?"

Short & Long Canadian Ski Courses

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to uncover the main difference between the two, 7 weeks about does it. A "short" course or 4 week ski instructor course from NothinButSnow trains skiers to a level 1 standard, a season "long" or 11 week ski instructor course includes all that is present in our short course, but further trains skiers to a higher level 2 qualification.

The level 2 is a significant step up from level 1 so requires advanced training completed over a longer period of time. Obviously one major benefit of the season long ski course is its ability to accommodate you for an entire season, a worth while excuse to seasonaire it whilst honing your skiing skills.

It's your oppurtunity to become a ski instructor in one fantastic season!

Skiing Big White


  • Price: £4500
  • When Do I Go: 11/01/16
  • Qualifications: CSIA Level 1
  • Days Tuition: 17
  • Meals: Mon - Fri

Price: £7650

When Do I Go: 11th January 2016

Qualification: CSIA Level 1, 2

Days Tuition: 45

Meals: Mon - Fri

  • Price: £7550
  • When Do I Go: 11th January 2016
  • Qualification: CASI Level 1, 2 & Avi
  • Days Tuition: 35
  • Breakfast: 4 Days
  • Lunch: 4 Days

Price: £6995

When Do I Go: 11th January 2016

Qualification: CSIA Level 3

Days Tuition: 35

Meals: Mon - Fri