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NothinButSnow runs the ultimate ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses in British Columbia, Canada. So if you have a yearning to take your skiing or snowboarding technique to the level of awesome you have come to the right place.

Since our inception we have delivered market leading courses at the worlds best powder laden resorts, pushing boundaries that were previously thought impossible. Luxury accommodation coupled with the best and most comprehensive training programme has seen our students consistently achieve success. We are proud to boast a 100% pass rate which we have held on successive seasons.

You will find that a NothinButSnow ski or snowboard course provides fun and intensive training programmes to guide students from rookie to pro in one season. This is achieved through a structured skills based training programme that incorporates adrenalin-inducing action overseen by our highly qualified team. All training is delivered in intimate small groups to maximise your ability to absorb the new skills we will teach you. 

Now you're just a few clicks away to start an adventure of a lifetime, with our support every step of the way.

"We are proud to boast a 100% pass rate, which we have held on successive seasons"


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Snowboard instructor courses

They are all scorchers - our snowboard instructor courses are the ticket to turn you in to a pro rider this winter. To become a snowboard instructor is one gnarly experience. Now go and explore more on our snowboard courses you baggy panted, high five giving, steezy shredder.  

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Ski Instructor Courses

Taking a ski instructor course to become a ski instructor is your one way ticket towards one of the more glamorous jobs in the mountains. It's an experience like no other, can last an entire season, be one of the best lifestyle choices imaginable and if you're looking to use it learn how to ski like a pro, you're on the right track! 

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You have the pasion, are lacking in time, but are eager to experience NothinButSnow's ski and snowboard courses. No problem, we have a range of 2 week ski improvement courses and snowboard improvement courses so you don't have to miss out.


Why nothinbutsnow

Don't Miss Out Because It Seems Too Good To Be True...

Let's be honest, there are a tonne of ski and snowboard instructor training providers out there. So what makes us so special, and why should you spend your hard earned money on a NothinButSnow course? Well it's simple, we are shredtastic! That's a strong statement to make, so it's only fair we back it up with some important facts.

Fact 1: Our class sizes are small.
We never exceed 7 people, with an average of 6 per class. This is such a simple thing to implement, but the benefits are huge. The result is more individual feedback, more time teaching and a greater personal touch.

Fact 2: We provide more tuition days than any other.
Nobody turns up on a course without a desire to succeed, and there is no better feeling to return home with that certificate in hand. We would rather have you choose to skip a day because of fatigue, than scrimp back on available training days, keeping you off the snow. We provide you with as much training as possible, to ensure your every success – proven by our 100% success rates.

Fact 3: You will learn from the best.
We deliver training with ski and snowboard schools that are home to the very best and most highly qualified instructions you will ever meet. All hand picked, these top notch pros are at the top of their game. Surround yourself with the best and it will surely rub off on you.

Fact 4: We would only house you in accommodation that resembles an episode of MTV Cribs.
Time to relax is so important because your legs will get tired whilst you build stamina, so we provide you with luxury houses and condos that offer the perfect mix of space, amenities and social living. From private hot tubs to games rooms, cinema rooms and breathtaking mountain views, these are the places to completely relax in.

Fact 5: We're fully flexible – it's your trip!
Flexibility is not something you normally see when booking a holiday, but we offer flexible options on your included return British Airways flight. Extend your stay, or choose to even head out early before your training starts, if you request a change and subject to BA availability we can change your flight - in 80% of requests the change is free of charge!

Fact 6: We have NO hidden costs
Hidden costs can be a nuisance, especially when you have budgeted for your 3 month adventure in the snow. We don't like to spring any surprises on you and that goes for additional costs for exams. All NothinButSnow courses included all exam fees so feel confident in the knowledge your course price has covered all the basis.

Aside from these main facts take the time to find out more on what gives us the edge.


thats why

Skiing and Snowboarding is an addiction

Why come on a course

There are 101 reasons why you should sign up and spend a ski season with us, but first and foremost it's a whole heap of fun – need we say more?

For everyone from vocational gap year students to career breakers and changers, to those who've always dreamt of being a ski or snowboard instructor, one of our courses will be right up your street. On this extended holiday with a twist, you'll meet people who share your love of snow-filled action – a great basis for forming lasting friendships, and you'll get an instructor qualification to boot. The adrenalin will be flowing all season as your skiing or snowboarding ability gets better and better and you'll do what many can only dream of – waking up every morning with nothing else to do but clip into your skis or strap on your board and go for a ride.

We believe it's called living the dream!