Last week was much more slow-paced than the previous as we were focusing much more on the teaching side of our exam.

This meant perfecting our demonstrations and practicing different drills and exercises to improve people’s skiing. We were also given a lesson plan structure which we could individually play with to make it more our own.

A big part of the teaching side is bringing your own personality into it which I enjoyed as everyone has their own spin on how they do things. A lot of the week was also observation to see where we needed to improve and what drills we would pick to improve certain areas of our skiing. This included assessment of each other’s riding and positivity is key when approaching that area! Even the best skiers can improve!

It was quite nice to have a more relaxed week as having the time to reflect can help me improve a lot! I also went into town with some of the snowboarders to watch a movie, a bit of shopping and go for some sushi! This was nice as I’m still getting to know people more and more! It’s also great for people like me because I like to get out and do things and mixes it up a bit from just skiing!