Last week was our week off to do whatever we wanted. Some of us did an avalanche course, snowmobiling and a first aid course. It was ours however we wanted to spend it, so I thought it was time to really relax and have some downtime. I really enjoyed chilling and watching movies whilst the visibility wasn’t that great.

As a skier, I’ve wanted to always have a go at snowboarding too and what better way than to ask one of the newly level 1 certified snowboard instructors! Luckily, I have a room mate who agreed to have the patience to teach me and another flat mate hehe! Although it was fun and pretty weird, I did spend my bum on the ground for most of the day! I don’t think I’m meant for a board but I’ll probably give it another go as no beginner is going to be great straight away. I also didn’t have to rent anything because we can all swap with each other which makes it really easy! I’m also going to teach my room mate how to ski soon which will be fun putting my level 1 into real practice!

Me and my flat mates also had a big pizza party to ourselves with some classic comedies. A large pizza each – absolutely ginormous over here! So yummy! Which was nice as we all had more time to spend with each other and tell some funny stories!

After a week of no lessons it was nice to see everyone for the Friday night meal in the village. We then headed to Sam’s pub after and it was like one huge NBS pool tournament which Joey and I were pretty much donning?.