Week 7 Ski And Snowboard Course Review – Big White 2013

With a heavy focus on some level 2 teaching the students are right in the thick of their tuition and a lot more is being asked of them during week 7. Level 2 is a significant step up from the level 1 standard so this is the week to raise their a game.

The snowboarders headed out with Alyn and Dom and the skiers were with Lee. These guys are 3 of the most experienced and talented on the hill, so a fantastic week was ahead of them.

NothinButSnow Students with Instructor Dom and Alyn

It was a cold start to the week and there was snow forecasted on the horizon which is always good news. The snowboarders had a heavy focus on being centered and mobile and using the lower joints for improved mobility and also a big focus on Level 2 teaching. The skiers were focusing on their ski improvement and also delivering Level 2 teaches.

Monday was dedicated to millage to bolster their skiing and snowboarding skills. It was a fast paced day, but as always enjoyable to shred around the hill tackling all types of terrain, speed and turn shapes.

Tuesday allowed for some more time to be spent on rider / skier improvement so after some cruising around the mountain and doing some drills everyone had some individual feedback to work on. Alyn even took his snowboard group through the half pipe to work on presure control and gave them some pointers. The skiers did some stance and balance work by removing their ski poles. An unnerving experience at first, but a brilliant way to force everyone to be centred on their skis.

That evening there was a pimps and hoes themed party at ‘Sam’s’ so a few of the guys headed up to see what it was all about. From what we hear it wasn’t a mad one as the main focus was on lessons Wednesday morning, serious dedication!

NothinButSnow Skiers Training

Coincidently Wednesday seemed the day that everyone headed over to Gem lake. Partly due to the fact that it offers some great terrain to train on, especially bumps and challenging terrain. Wednesday evening resulted in everyone heading out to wings night at Sam’s for few drinks. Pretty much one of our traditions up here at Big White. It is one of the best nights of the week.

Thursday POW day! 20cms!

NothinButSnow Powder Training

Everyone was smiling this morning and for an epic reason. 20cms had fallen in the night. The visibility was not fantastic, but when you know the mountain like our instructors it was straight to the Black Forrest to take advantage of the trees to add some waypoints and increased visibility. Fresh lines were had by everyone. After pretty much tracking out the Black Forrest in the morning the focus switched from riding to teaching for the afternoon for all snowboard and ski groups.

Fridays have been known to be more of a fun day of the week with a strong focus on riding and working on individual feedback and working on some freestyle aspects of skiing and snowboarding. All students ended the day by having a one on one with their instructor to discuss how the week went. Dinner time came around quickly and we all headed to the ‘Moose Lounge’ where a few of the guys ordered up steaks which came up with veg and potatoes and appeared to be the winner in the competition of ‘who ordered the best dinner’.

As always weekends are for resting and that is exactly what went down, movies, foosball,chilling and even a game of home made ping pong. Living the sweet life!

NothinButSnow Students Downtime