Week 5 Ski And Snowboard Course Review – Big White 2013

The week started with a buzz. The snowboarders are now all qualified instructors with a 100% pass rate. The skiers are starting their Level 1 on Wednesday and have a lot to live up to, to make sure they equal the snowboarders on pass rate. The boarders were heading out with Laura and she had promised them a lot of fun riding which they were all excited about. First on the agenda was hitting the cliff and other steep terrain. It was smiling faces all round for the snowboarders at the end of the day as they had all pushed themselves and conquered terrain they previously hadn’t, maybe the confidence boost of the level 1 success has lifted them. The skiers were still hard at work with Mark and continued to work on the material for their Level 1.

Tuesday arrived with a little dusting of snow. At 3cm of the fresh stuff it does not warrant a pow day so the boarders continued to explore the mountain and work on their riding with some freestyle around the mountain. The skiers spent their last day before their exam working on what they felt they needed to.

Wednesday arrived and it was a day for hitting up the park, with some coaching from Laura who specialises in freestyle they were all working on what they wanted and soon enough starting to land some new tricks. All the guys and girls were hitting rails boxes and kickers.

NothinButSnow Students In The Terrain Park

The milestone in the 11 week course had arrived for the skiers. After arriving early to the village and meeting their examiner it was to be 3 full days under the watchfull eye of Steve Nooner their examiner. The boarders spent the day what they do best, shredding the mountain all over.

NothinButSnow Skiers On Level 1 exam

Thursday came with a powder alert. What a day it was. At least 20cm had fallen. Freshies were had all round. The snowboarders got to enjoy it slightly more and they spent most of the day over at Gem lake riding trees and hitting drops. Day 2 was over for the skiers and with 1 day left to go they would be eith toasting success or drowning their sorrows. We have nothing but confidence for them.

It was all over for the skiers. Friday came and went and before they knew it they were sitting eagerly waiting their results. The snowboarders after another mad day of riding, carving up the fresh groomers and hitting drops waited in the village to hear how their fellow housemates and friends had got on. As Steve Nooner joked by placing tissues on the table for the ‘Unsuccessful ones’ there was definitely an increase in tension and nervousness. This soon dissipated as he proceeded to say everyone had passed and there was laughter all round. A great night out was to follow as once again we had hit our 100% Level 1 pass rate.

NothinButSnow Skiers Pass Their Level 1 Exam

Saturday and Sunday were the day of rest and a much deserved one. Bring on the remaining weeks and the Level 2 exam.