Week 4 Ski And Snowboard Course Review – Big White 2013

For the snowboarders this is it! The first milestone was upon them in what has been an incredible first month at Big White. It was exam week and over the course of 3 days our novice snowboarders were to be tested on their gnarly snowboarding skills and teaching ability.

So with the training week kicking off on Monday morning all of the NothinButSnow snowboarders had 2 days of last minute prep before their exam started on Wednesday. Even after Sunday doubles everyone was up early and still as keen as ever to ski and snowboard in to the village to meet with their instructors for the week ahead. The snowboarders spent the entire Monday ironing out those bad habits with a full day of relaxed riding, whilst the skiers kicked it up a notch with some intensive ski tactics and guided millage.

CASI Level 1 Group Photo NothinButSnow

Tuesday saw the snowboarders gather in Happy Valley for a day of final prep on the teaching side of the snowboard exam, as they all have to pass both their riding and teaching to gain the full CASI qualification. Everyone was looking keen to get stuck in to the exam and there was certainly confidence in the air.

As Wednesday rolled in it was an early start for the boarders who had to be in the main village for 8:30am to register for their exam. With fresh snow on the ground the day was primed for success as the boarders split in to examination groups and headed out. The skiers enjoyed the fresh snow, working on pressure control by demonstrating hockey stops, which resulted in some funny powder face shots. Wednesday is one of the most well known nights on the hill as everyone flocks to Snowshoe Sam’s for Wings Wednesday. With the attraction of cheap chicken and a jug of beer most of us descended on Sam’s for a relaxing evening.

Snowboard CASI Level 1 Group 2 NothinButSnow


Snowboard CASI Level 1 Group 3 NothinButSnow

For the snowboarders Thursday was just a blur, it was the mid way point before the big day on Friday, results day! The prefect conditions continued for those still in training and for all those taking their exam.

As Friday morning turned quickly in to Friday afternoon, our snowboarders eagerly awaited their fait! To be called in via their groups and be handed an envelope either containing a certificate and pin or just a form detailing what part they had failed on.

Snowboarders Passing Their CASI Level 1


Snowboarders Get Their CASI Level 1 Results NothinButSnow


For us that make NBS tick it’s a nervous time. We have provided all of the support and training over the last 3 weeks and these last few days are purely down to each individual. As everyone opened their envelope to the sight or a certificate with their name on it and a CASI pin and membership card we were elated to discover by the time the final group had been called in that everyone from NothinButSnow had passed and became qualified snowboard instructors.  It’s the most exciting time for us and we were so proud of all of our guys and girls.

Friday night was party time and after we devoured a mountain of pizza and a crate of beers, the celebration party continued throughout the bars around the village.