Week 2 Ski And Snowboard Course Review – Big White 2013

Week 2 kicked off with a spectacular bluebird Monday, a far cry from the gloomy grey and wet mornings in the UK. As the groups arrived in to the village nice and early to meet their new instructors for the week there was a buzz in the air as the anticipation of a first full weeks training, sunny weather and good snow sunk in. With introductions over, no time was wasted and groups hit the slopes to spend the day on ski and boarding improvement. It’s always our favorite time of day meeting all of our students and seeing them off each morning. It’s a rare occasion to see so many happy people early in the morning and as they headed off with their new pros for the week it was time for us to return home and start to plan the weeks social activates. There was an 80’s party lined up and orgainisation of transporting the entire group to One Boardshop in Kelowna for a master class in ski and board maintenance. Essential knowledge for all of our students who would be spending more time on snow than ever before.

Blue Bird Monday At Big White

Tuesday saw the snowboarders delve into the beginner teaching material, whilst the skiers continued with ripping around the mountain on ski improvement. The fantastic weather continued and it was evident as some ski goggles were replaced with shades. That evening the entire group headed to Snowshoe Sam’s for the 80’s party. Those 80’s babies amongst us laughed as one banging tune, replaced another and after a few beers it was time to hit the dance floor. Before you knew it the lights were on and the sound of “drink up, it’s closing time” bellowed in our ears. Such a great night out and a good opportunity to get to know each other a little more.

Skiing in shades and snowboard teaching lesson

With a few tired faces and sore heads Wednesday morning the entire group made it out for lessons on time. With the weather continuing to be sunny and warm it was a great opportunity for us to follow the groups and take some pictures of their day during lessons. We heard a few almost skied straight in to bed as the night before slightly took it’s toll.

After a good nights sleep a refreshed group headed back out in the sun to continue with teaching for the snowboarders and ski improvement for the skiers. The day seemed to fly by and before we knew it, it was time to gather the students from their houses to head to Kelowna for our tuning session. As the convoy of car and trucks descended the heights of Big White in to Kelowna the sun was setting and the view spectacular. As we arrived at One Boardshop, everybody grabbed their skis and snowboards and headed straight for the tech shop. Andrew Houston proceeded to feed everyone his knowledge and experience on how to maintain their equipment. From the steps involved with a basic wax, to repairing deep scratches and how to sharpen edges. For some it confirmed what they knew for others it was an eye opener on how to look after their gear to keep it in tiptop shape. The session was followed by a bit of shopping for goggles, bindings, boots and waxing irons all discounted for NBS students thanks to the rad guys at One. Before heading back home we had to feed the crew, so a quick stop at Triple O’s went down a treat. Nothing beats a fat Canadian burger, fries and a milk shake whilst chilling in Triple O’s diner.


Ski And Snowboard Maintenance Session At One

As Friday was upon us quicker than Karen (a current snowboard student) sinking a shot, the realization that the weeks are going to fly by before the level 1 exams was apparent. The final days training of the week saw everyone make the most of their time on the slopes absorbing feedback and pushing their limits to gain further improvements. As it was the end of the week, all students were subject to their weekly 1-2-1 feedback session. A chance to talk about the weeks skiing or riding along with ensuring each knew what they should be working on going in to the new week. A few relaxed in the hot tub, whilst others relaxed with a beer or glass of wine before dinner. We all headed to a restaurant called Santé for our weekly evening meal out as a group. Hungry faces were soon turned to stuffed faces as the huge portions satisfied even the biggest eaters amongst the group. Following dinner we all headed to the Bull Wheel to sample their Margarita Corona’s and enjoy a drink together, discuss the week and talk about what is yet to come. Some of the group retired back to their sumptuous crib whilst NBS Leigh took the party animals across to Snowshoe Sam’s for a few more drinks.

Friday Night Drinks

With a slight change to the training schedule most people took Saturday off the snow to rest, as Sunday kick started week 3 training. This was to accommodate for Big Whites pro’s to compete at inter ski to become a member of elite skiers which represent the CSIA.

So with not a hangover insight our groups were back in the village bright and early Sunday morning, meeting their new instructors for the week. With the weather continuing to deliver blue bird days everyone cracked on with week 3’s training. Sunday evening delivered yet another spectacular sunset and closed off another fun packed week for every NBS student.