Week 1 Ski And Snowboard Course Review – Big White 2013

As I was waiting at Heathrow terminal 5 the all familiar sign of people strolling towards me with ski and snowboard bags cemented the fact that we would soon be heading off to Canada. As I handed out hoodys and t shirts more and more students arrived until everyone was there and we were ready to check in.

NothinButSnow Students

Before we knew it we were on the plane, next stop Big White. Whilst standing up talking with Bobby and Sam two of the students at the back of the airplane we hit some turbulence and proceeded to be thrown around like peas in a can. We attempted to walk back to our seats as the turbulence increased however it was as if we had had 10 pints, it was crazy. Just to put it in to perspective even the airhostess’ were crawling on their hands and knees. We arrived safe and sound though.

After a good sleep we met up with NBS Leigh and headed up to the village to collect our season passes. We also had a scheduled meeting at 12.00 to meet with director of snowsports Josh Foster. The students were handed their manuals and course schedules as well as given some wise words. The rest of the day was spent getting some equipment and even skiing and snowboarding for those that felt up to it.

On Wednesday all students went for a group ride to explore the mountain and start to get the snow legs back. With 13cm fresh snow is was a great day to be out on the hill. It was nice as everyone went out together and it was a great team building day.

Thursday was the day of first lessons and after a coffee or two in the VCM (Village Center Mall) everyone lined up to meet their instructors and get a good team photo. The snowboarders were with Dom and Fernando and the skiers were with Christian. All three had trained previous NothinButSnow students. We then waved off everyone like parents dropping their children off at the first day of school.

Big White Instrutors | NothinButSnow Studnets

Friday followed a similar pattern to Thursday except in the evening we all went out for our weekly group meal. That night it was to the Bulll Wheel for burger night and like always it did not disappoint. Everyone was happy and we headed to the bar for some drinks. There were a few tired faces and half the students went home, whilst the others decided they could not say no to a few more drinks.

Students out for dinner | NothinButSnow

Saturday saw the first bluebird day of the trip and it did not go to waste. Everyone was up nice and early and ready to hit the snow. The conditions were excellent and although a little busier than during the week everyone had a great day in the sun. Some of the students took a trip with NBS Leigh down to Kelowna to do some food shopping and hit up the boardstores to see what they could treat themselves to.

Bluebird day | NothinButSnow

Sunday was the day of rest and was well deserved. Monday would bring the first full week of lessons so a chill out day was ideal and the perfect opportunity to catch up on any lost sleep and recharge those batteries.