Ski & Snowboard Course Reps Review – Week 8

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So with only four weeks left of our season here the pressure is really starting to mount up! Time is going at double speed rather than slowing down like we want it too!

For the level 2 trainees this week the focus was put more on the teaching side of things with all students carrying out their very first Level 2 teaches in different and more varied terrain. Some students flourished and showed no fear whilst others stammered a bit trying to get to grips with the higher level instructing. Still we believe in all the students and we have two more weeks of training before exam time! Everyone is more than capable of passing and we have faith in the way we set out our programme that we will get everyone up to standard by the necessary time! That’s why we have the highest pass rates here at NBS! With this in mind the evenings have started to quieten down a bit with revision sessions taking place with a few mellow beers in the hot tubs!

The level 3 trainees had another awesome week with Mellen where there were lots of ‘Eureka’ snowboarding moments and things really started to come together for these guys over these few days! That’s what you get from being taught by one of Canada’s best instructors!  The improvements being seen with these lads had been huge as they whizz around only the steep terrain, gnarly tree lines and narrow gully’s!

Friday feedback again was great which let us to take the positivity into the Friday group meal, where the restaurant accommodated all 34 of us on one massive table…. You can imagine the carnage that ensued !

On Saturday the majority of us entered into the Kelowna Cup slalom race , with only a few hours sleep inside us all we headed down to Happy Valley to pick up our race bibs and well needed free breakfast of maple syrup, bacon and pancakes (a Canadian delicacy!). This ended up being an absolutely amazing day and also to put the cherry on top one of our skiing students got on the podium stand coming second place in her category!

Even though we are coming to the end of the season and the pressure is mounting, things just keep getting better and better and every week we feel tops the last! Thank you Big White and Nothing But Snow students , you just keep on giving!!

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