Ski & Snowboard Course Reps Review – Week 9

NothinButSnow snowboard instructor courses in Big White

So with just two weeks to go now until the exams begin once again our students are calming down with the galavanting and partying and truly focusing on achieving the main goal that they came with when embarking on this life changing adventure….that goal being: to be certified Level two ski and snowboard instructors! They are well on their way to all achieving this and we are super impressed and proud at how much they’ve progressed. One of our lovely students even baked some real Canadian huckleberry cheese cup cakes for everyone to set us up for another fantastic week!

Ski student Big White NothinButSnow

To also help them all along their way this week the Level 3 candidates took over the training of the level 2 candidates for two days. This not only helped them but also helped the level 3’s into getting where they need to get to as it gave them some real life teaching experience. Up until now they’ve only been training each other and all the feedback from both sides was that it was really fun and beneficial! Hopefully we will see some of our newly qualified NBS Level 2 guys tackling the Level 3 themselves next year and our newly qualified Level 3’s training our new recruits in 2017!

NothinButSnow CASI Level 3 CASI level 3 student NothinButSnow

Although it has been a more quiet week in the evenings, Friday night lived up to its normal mayhem status as it was Charlottes birthday. After the usual group meal we set Charlotte the challenge of only being allowed to answer ‘YES’ to any question she was given! Hilarity ensued as you can imagine and the most frequently asked questions seemed to be “Charlotte , would you like a drink?” , or ” Charlotte, can you do a head stand ? ” …. We have lots of great photos and videos so she can never forget this night !

NothinButSnow student birthday

Despite the hangovers many of us took the opportunity over the weekend to get out there and train each other just to fine tune the structure of lesson plans and demonstrations. Everyone’s teaching is looking strong and they’re riding and skiing solidly. We go into the penultimate training week next week with confidence and positivity!!

CSIA level 2 teaching


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