Ski & Snowboard Course Reps Review – Week 6

Week 6 course reps diary

Wow, week 6 and what a week, yet again topping the last!!

We’re now half way through the season and still loving life more than ever! This week the students had some free time to complete extra courses and generally enjoy the mountain and brush up on skills they’ve learnt so far! It’s even quite possibly the best week so far…. If we are allowed to keep saying that! It just keeps getting better and better!

Whilst our level 2 trainees ripped up the slopes the level 3 students embarked on their pre exam course. They went in head strong knowing that it was going to be their toughest week so far. Level 4 ‘shredette’ Mellen took them through their paces once again and like week one, she showed the boys what it takes to get to the level of supreme snowboarding awesomeness. This ended up resulting in some exhausted brains and tired bodies. However they came out of the week with some strong positive feedback and mindsets that they can achieve Level 3 statuses by the end of the season!

Tuesday and Wednesday saw some of our team tackle the Avalanche training course. This involved getting back into the classroom and a fair bit of digging and hiking too! The first day they learnt about Avalanche triggers, snow conditions and danger zones on the mountain. Then they also hiked to the eastern side of the resort and learnt to use a probe and transponder so they could learn how to find someone buried in the snow… Heaven forbid they ever have to use these skills but they are incredibly handy to have at the same time. Everyone passed the course and came home with smiles and a highly valuable certified skill!

NothinButSnow AST 1 NothinButSnow AST level 1  Big White avalanche training with NothinButSnow

This Friday rather than our usual Friday night group meal out we went to an Ice hockey match to watch the local team the Kelowna Rockets play! This is often a highlight in the season for many and this night did not disappoint! After the Rockets being 2-1 down within five minutes we knew it was going to be an exciting game! As we started the second period of the match the NBS crew decided we needed to get right behind the home team singing and chanting like they were at a local derby footie match back home! The Rockets responded and by the end of the 2nd period it was 4-3. After a bit more heckling at the oppositions goalie, we had them up against the ropes and they began to crumble straight in front of our eyes! The final score was a win to us, 6-5! This night was incredible, and as is standard we headed back on the coach and straight to Sams to continue the celebrations!

NothinButSnow ice hockey trip Kelowna Rockets Ice Hockey Team NothinButSnow NothinButSnow students at the ice hockey game

Saturday night was one of our guys 27th birthdays so we ordered a stack of pizzas and had a get together to celebrate! There was plenty of dancing, games, and some questionable sing alongs to some tragic 90’s pop by the birthday boy himself!!

It was another awesome week here at Big White…. sad to say we are half way through now but let the fun times role!!!!

Joey & Ant