Ski Instructor Course Diary – Week 2

NothinButSnow ski instructor course week 2

In our first full week we were told that we were going to be mainly focusing on ski improvement which also involved technical reference points. Which was a really nice way of easing the group into instructor life!

It’s crazy how quickly we all improved with just tiny things Sam (our instructor) would advise us to do. Not only did he provide us with demonstrations that were nice and easy to pick up, they also looked and felt so much better after! We also did drills that allowed us to use our lower body more which we could then transfer this into our skiing. I found these really helpful as it made us concentrate on certain bits of our body and then improve as a whole. It also helped in getting more familiar with eachother in the group. This allowed us to build a friendly support network to encourage each other!

Sam gave us individual things to improve on when he watched us during the drills. I really liked this as although we had skills to work on as a team, it was really personal at the same time as everyone has different things that they do, for instance, I needed to lean forward onto my ski boots more and therefore adjust my position.

In the middle of the week, Big White got hit by lots of snow! This was amazing for me as I’ve only ever skied in Europe where I’ve never skied in such powder before!

There was sooooo much, we all fell, I had my first fall and then fell again about 4 times after! It was mega, I actually enjoyed falling with the soft snow landings! But we learnt from our falls the best ways to tear through the snow! We even did some skiing through the trees which was nice and a lot safer with all the snow!

Nearer the end of the week, we went on black runs that involved moguls. Although it was pretty daunting at first, Sam advised us how to absorb the pressure with bending our knees and turning correctly and we all managed to get down in one piece! Ultimately, it was bags of fun and nice to end the week on something a little different! We were all laughing and making noises coming down!

We finished off the week with drinks and feedback from our instructors, we then got back and changed ready for the weekly Friday night meal! This was lovely as it was 2 of the groups birthday… fabulous for us, horrible for them as it meant challenges!!!! They both grabbed these with both hands and we all had an amazing night with dance offs, pint races and other things thou shall not mention…let’s just say men in bikinis!

Saturday night was the night I’ve been looking forward to the most, as it was the night we were going to the big ice hockey game in Kelowna! I’ve never been to one before so I was really excited and it really did live up to everything I expected! Entertainment, drinks, hot dogs, fries – the lot! The local team we were supporting (Kelowna Rockets) won and Ant managed to get everyone doing the Mexican wave and chanting! We all had fun and the ambience was fab.

Can’t wait for next week!!!