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CASI Snowboard Park Instructor Level 1 & Level 2 Qualification

Holding the park instructor qualifications allows you to safely pass on your freestlye expertise to others via progressive teaching styles and exercises. The CASI snowboard park instructor qualification has two levels, level 1 and level 2.

With the level 1 you will spend time on;

• Rider Improvement
• Exploring snowboard technique
• Teaching methods
• Effective communication skills

Level 1 will not only improve your ability by perfecting your freestyle technique, but will also give you the skills to introduce students to the park and freestyle riding.

With the Level 2 you will work on;

• Further developing your freestyle ability
• Exploring snowboard technique relating to intermediate freestyle snowboarding
• Exploring teaching methods relating to intermediate freestyle snowboarding
• Lesson planning
• Effective communication skills

The level 2 course will give you the skills necessary to teach students on small, medium and large features in the park as well as improve your freestyle snowboarding safely.



I've passed, who can I teach?
On Completing and passing the Level 1 & 2 course you will be certified to take students in to the park and teach freestyle riding on small, medium and large features.

How long are the exams and are they stressful?
The Level 1 exam is set over 2 days and the Level 2 exam is set over 3 days. It is fun, enjoyable and takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. Stress doesn't exist in the mountains! Assessment is continuous throughout the duration of the two exams.

Where could I work?
Head to both Canada and the USA for employment opportunities with the correct visa in place.