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CSIA Level 2 Ski Instructor Qualification

Within the CSIA, 4 levels of certification are available. The CSIA Level 2 ski instructor qualifiction represents the most ideal qualification for those looking for employment around the world. 

The CSIA Level 2 ski instructor qualification is a substantial step up from its younger brother. Working more on advanced skills and coaching techniques for intermediate skiers. The Level 2 ski instructor certification is for any skier that has passed the Level 1 certification and wishes to progress and achieve higher CSIA certification. Holding the level 2 qualification allows for the teaching of more experienced skiers and is recognised as a global qualification.

Similar to the level 1, the course is split in to two sections of teaching and skiing. The course enables ski instructors to improve their teaching and skiing skills, as well as a better understanding of the CSIA technique and methodology.

Over the 5 days students will receive coaching on their skiing, teaching and people skills. The course not only further improves your skiing ability but also includes:

  • Strategies for effective communication, group dynamics, lesson planning and alternate teaching methods
  • Development and improvement of parallel skiers
  • Developing strategies for effective analysis and development
  • On-line workshops on guest service and teaching children


I've passed, who can I teach?
The successful candidate is certified to teach intermediate to advanced skiers.

How long is the exam and is it stressful?
The exam is set over 5 days, is fun, enjoyable and set in a relaxed atmosphere. Stress doesn't exist in the mountains! Assessment is continuous throughout the duration of the 5 day exam.

Where could I work?
Head back to Canada, or to New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Japan and European Alps with the correct visa in place.