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CASI Level 2 Snowboard Instructor Qualification

The CASI Level 2 instructor qualification is for any snowboarder that has passed the Level 1 exam and wishes to progress and achieve a higher CASI certification. Holding the level 2 certification, allows for the teaching of more experienced snowboarders and is recognized as a global qualification.

The goal of the Level 2 course is to develop a skills-based teaching approach for intermediate and advanced snowboarding, as well as an understanding of CASI technique and methodology.  You will gain the skills necessary to analyse a snowboarder and improve weaknesses in their riding.

Like the Level 1 you will receive coaching on your snowboarding as well as teaching skills.

Level 2 combines:

  • Rider Improvement
  • Snowboard teaching methods
  • Technical understanding and development
  • Development of student interaction
  • Development of technical analysis skills

common FAQs

I've passed, who can I teach?If successful you will be certified to teach intermediate to advanced snowboarders.

How long is the exam and is it stressful? The exam is set over 4 days, is fun, enjoyable and set in a relaxed atmosphere. Stress doesn't exist in the mountains! Assessment is continuous throughout the duration of the 4 day exam.

Where could I work?Head to both Canada and the USA for employment opportunities with the correct visa in place.