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CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor Qualification

The CASI level 1 snowboard instructor qualification course combines snowboarding technique and teaching methods both on snow and during indoor classes. You will receive training on beginner teaching methods, understanding of basic snowboard technique, as well as lesson planning and effective communication skills. The CASI level 1 course is designed to give students the skills necessary to begin their role as a new instructor in the industry.

During the course coaching will be provided on your snowboarding ability along with feedback on teaching skills. Not only are you being prepared for the Level 1, but you also receive advice and strategies for future development.

This course not only improves your riding ability but also includes:

  • Class Management
  • Lesson Planning
  • The CASI Skills Concept
  • Teaching Methodology

common FAQs
I've passed, who can I teach?
The successful student is certified to teach beginner snowboarders up to the novice turn level.

How long is the exam and is it stressful?
The exam is set over 3 days, is fun, enjoyable and set in a relaxed atmosphere. Stress doesn't exist in the mountains! Assessment is continuous throughout the duration of the 3 day exam.

Where could I work?
Head to both Canada and the USA for employment opportunities with the correct visa in place.