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Week 7 Snowboard Instructor Course Diary - Big White 2012

Week 7 has begun and I am still as keen as ever to get in to training. We met as usual at the VCM and we grabbed a quick coffee before heading out. I managed to get a few cheeky runs in before heading to the VCM as the lifts opened at 08.45 and I didn't need to meet until 09.15, so needless to say I was fairly warmed up.

We all headed out and worked on our riding, hitting a few drops along the way to keep us on our toes.

Tuesday the weather was not that great, but then the heavens opened. It dumped down. The NBS reps tagged along for the morning following us around getting a few snaps and filming us. This always makes me go harder if we hit a jump as I want the best shot possible.

With our instructor we pretty much spent the whole of Wednesday working on our advanced sliding turns by doing different drills. I really felt like I achieved a lot today. The video analysis really helped it click for me. I could see what I was still doing wrong and by seeing myself on the video in the afternoon I was closing my turns of a little more and was on the right track with my advanced sliding turns.

Thursday pretty much followed the same routine as the previous day except we touched more on carving. After lessons finished we all went for a well-deserved beer and a few games of pool before heading back home for dinner. Pascal (my class mate and housemate) prepared dinner and we kicked back with a few snowboarding films.

Friday flew by and before I knew it I was heading out for the group meal. As usual it was a great meal and we all had a fantastic night out. I didn't hit hit too hard as I wanted to hit up the park first thing so after just a few beers I headed home for bed, I was feeling tired and having a relatively early one seemed like a wise choice. Weeks are just merging in to one and its starting to scare me how quick it is going. Oh well I cant complain I will still be snowboarding for another 4 weeks.