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Week 11 Snowboard Instructor Course Diary - Big White 2012

What a fantastic last week, I have nothing but love for NothinButSnow, they made sure I had a great 11 weeks, passed both my exams and left me with memories I will keep forever.

This week I pretty much shredded all day everyday with all the other students. I hit up the park quite a lot as I did not have the exams looming over me and it really didn't matter if I hurt myself. I managed to get over my fear of rails this season and was hitting most things in the park. I spent more time on a board than I did actually walking so its no wonder I improved so much.

Being the last week and that we were leaving on Friday I was on my snowboard everyday. Not riding massively hard, but getting in as much as I could before I had to go. I really did not want to go home. I was having so much fun and it all seemed to go far to quick, especially the last 4 weeks. At the time you feel like you have ages but before you know it its gone.

Wednesdays were always a good night out and we had one last blowout before Friday. A few of us got there early as we wanted some chicken wings and stayed there right to the end, it ended up being one of the best nights of the season, everyone did not have to worry about getting up for lessons in the morning and the fact we were all level 2 instructors it was just a great feeling.

After riding Thursday from around 11.00 to 15.00 I headed home and started to pack up all my things. It was little struggle to pack it as I had picked up some new items of clothing but with a little persuasion I managed to get everything in. The feeling o leaving hadn't hit me at all but it was about to. When I woke Friday morning and we were all taking our cases outside it hit me. Although I was sad to be leaving I was looking forward to seeing my family and friends at home. For the past 11 weeks Big White was my home and NothinButSnow was my family and friends, collectively we looked out for each other and made sure we had fun every second of the day, I am really going to miss this place and the people.