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NothinButSnow has the dopest selection of snowboard courses for any aspiring snowboard instructor. We offer an exciting selection of courses which are extremely fun and rewarding. Ranging from 4, 6, 10 and 11 weeks long. Our snowboard instructor courses are the only choice if you want to look cool on your board and are in search of one incredible, memorable winter experience.

All of our snowboard courses take place in British Columbia, Canada. We run our courses from two of Canada’s most incredible mountain resorts, Whitewater and Big White Ski Resort. A snowboard course in Canada with NothinButSnow is an ideal choice for you to take your first step in to arguably the coolest and most exciting lifestyle career choices on the planet. With the mountain becoming your office, the ability to enjoy fresh snow and sunny sky's each day, endless fun and laughter, crazy apres-ski and unbreakable lifelong friendships. It’s hard to not question "why on earth did I not do this sooner?"

Short or Long Snowboard Instructor Course

If you want to become a snowboard instructor in the quickest time possible then our 4 week "short" snowboard instructor course is for you. On this course you will improve your snowboarding ability whilst learning all the necessary skills to qualify as a level 1 instructor. If you have a bit more time on your hands and wanted to spend the season with us, and why wouldn't you, check out our 11 week "long" snowboard instructor courses. Here you will be amazed at after 11 weeks how good you have become, it truly is unbelievable how confident you will feel on a snowboard. Spending all day, five days a week with one of our pros is a surefire way to accelerate your ability towards snowboard instructor perfection. This season long snowboard course will teach you to a level 2 advanced standard in snowboarding and allow you to take home an internationally recognised qualification.

Snowboarding Course Big White


  • Price: £4500
  • When Do I Go: 12/01/15
  • Qualification: CASI Level 1
  • Days Tuition: 17
  • Meals: Mon - Fri
  • Price: £6500
  • When Do I Go: 12/01/15
  • Qualification: CASI Level 1 + Park Instructor L1 & L2
  • Days Tuition: 27
  • Meals: Mon - Fri
  • Price: £7800
  • When Do I Go: 12/01/15
  • Qualification: CSIA & CASI Level 1
  • Days Tuition: 46
  • Meals: Mon - Fri
  • Price: £7650
  • When Do I Go: 12th January 2015
  • Qualification: CASI Level 1, 2
  • Days Tuition: 41
  • Meals: Mon - Fri
  • Price: £7550
  • When Do I Go: 12th January 2015
  • Qualification: CASI Level 1, 2 & Avi
  • Days Tuition: 35
  • Breakfast: 4 Days
  • Lunch: 4 Days

Freestyle Snowboard Course

If you love the park and are hungry for a bag of tricks for smashing park features, then our freestyle snowboard course is right up your street. This course trains you to become a snowboard park instructor as well as making sure you have those board slides and 360's dialed. Becoming a fully-fledged freestyle instructor has never been simpler. This dedicated freestyle course will help you achieve this in 6 weeks. With a strong focus on your own snowboarding skills you will learn the necessary techniques to enable you to instruct and train novice snowboarders to be able to throw tricks in the park and around the mountain.

Snowboarder 360 Trick Big White

Dual Discipline Crossover Course

For those interested in skiing as well as snowboarding, then NothinButSnow has the answer. Our 11 week dual discipline crossover course trains you to a level 1 in skiing and snowboarding making you one of the most desirable and hireable instructors available. With the high demand for dual certified instructors NothinButSnow is doing what it can to help people get their foot in the door with regards to employment. This intensive course is for those who want to become a master of both disciplines.

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