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You will find a varying selection of courses on offer from NothinButSnow. Each course is different for a number of reasons. Noticeably the main difference is duration and the qualifications you can achieve. Your course selection should be based on your end goals. Taking the time to speak to a member of the NBS team will allow a course planner to outline the various options open to you. Their experience will assist you to make the best decision to ensure it not only delivers what matters to you, but is packed full of the right extras to further any future developments you may have. Your course will then be built bespoke for you, whether that's to increase your balance payments to make them more manageable or to amend your dates of travel to spend more time in Canada, the possibilities are endless. Did you know we can in fact be flexible to suit multiple requirements and that its possible to remove exams and use the course solely for personal improvement?

Whichever course you decide on, you will get the chance to master knee-deep backcountry turns, bounce effortlessly down the moguls and throw some big airs in the park in one of the two most awe-inspiring mountain resorts in the world.

Once your course is booked or even before hand, you have the option to consider a number of extras with NothinButSnow. For instance, for the sheer enjoyment our NBS Road Trip allows for you to utilise those new skills and confidence to explore extremely challenging terrain at various other resorts. Keeping with this theme, you could go heli skiing or cat skiing and feel like a true pro hitting deep pow and pillow lines. A truly once in a lifetime must! Or we have additional certification courses like, freestyle, race coach, avalanche awareness, disabled skiing and first aid. All terrific courses in there own right, but ones that deliver more qualifications to your name and increase your experience and knowledge.

Finally if you haven’t read about it already, be aware how NothinButSnow differs from our competitors. We offer fully inclusive courses which offer so much more bang for your buck. You will notice as you do comparisons we included everything you need, would expect and more. Return flights, all exam fees, meals, new equipment , the list goes on. Not to mention our market leading pass rate! By no means don’t just take our word for it, we encourage you to hear from people just like you, that have in fact already spent a season with NothinButSnow.

Add to that the luxury shared accommodation, the like-minded folk you'll be learning with and the life-long friends you're bound to make, you're in for one helluva trip!