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For park rats, we've got a new six-week dedicated freestyle instructor course (with all exams included so no hidden costs). 
If it's a full season adventure you seek, check out one of our 11-week season long courses to cover all your bases. Want a quick snow fix? Choose our short but sweet four-week course.

Craving something unique? Go for our dual discipline ski and snowboard crossover course. You'll be in demand once you graduate – schools are crying out for instructors who are dual-certified – so pick this one if you want to increase your chances of landing your dream job (hint hint). Whichever course you decide on, you'll get the chance to master knee-deep backcountry turns, bounce effortlessly down the moguls and throw some big airs in the park in one of the two most awe-inspiring mountain resorts in the world.

Add to that the luxury shared accommodation, the like-minded folk you'll be learning with and the life-long friends you're bound to make, you're in for one helluva trip!