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Our Green Policy

At NothinButSnow we are committed to doing all we can to protect our environment and the snow that it produces. We couldn't begin to imagine life without the fluffy white stuff could you?

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We live for the snow and winter seasons, skiing and riding around the mountains with as many new NBS friends as possible. It's a winter playground and we work as hard as possible to protect what we love. Allowing for us all to enjoy the snow together.

NothinButSnow Green Initiatives

Carbon offsetting in association with Climate Care
All return flights we purchase as part of our ski and snowboard packages are carbon offset with Climate Care. It's our aim to bring as many people in to skiing and snowboarding as possible and to do this inevitably requires transportation, flying people thousands of miles. You can feel comfortable that the carbon emissions of your journey will be offset for the environment.

Our brochure is downloadable from our website.

Electronic correspondence
Always, where possible, correspondence from NothinButSnow is electronic. Its quicker, better for the environment, more reliable and safe.

Green Energy
We utilise green energy tariffs for our electricity needs.

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Our Brochure is available online now.

We aim to provide you with all of the information you require on our website and within our online brochure.

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