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At NothinButSnow we like to think we are the best and can only work with the best, to the the best results. It's why we teamed up with the Whistler Blackcombs Ski & Board School. They are one of the biggest snow schools available at a ski resort, containing the finest ski instructors Canada has to offer.

The instruction they offer at Whistler is second to none and with NothinButSnow only hiring level 3 and level 4 instructors we can ensure you will be getting only the best tuition on your course. You will be working on your general skiing ability via drills, video analysis, 1-2-1 feedback and teaching techniques Monday to Friday, five hours per day. Now picture yourself after 11 weeks with this much hands on expert training. Your looking good eh!


CSIA Instructor Guide

The Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance (CSIA) created the Skier Progression Program for snow schools in order to promote a fun and safe environment while learning to ski.

The CSIA has been training and certifying ski instructors across Canada for over 70 years. It is the leader in ski teaching, and sets the standard for the profession. Sit back and relax whistle watching the steps of ski progression you will be taught.


As well as improving your skiing you will also be working on your teaching ability. Honing your teaching skills to teach fellow skiers how to ski to a CSIA standard. Teaching plays a vital role within your training and is incorporated in to your daily lessons. It's great fun, completed in a relaxed environment and is a fantastic team building exercise.


Lessons at Whistler Blackcomb are a daily adventure around the mountains. Your CSIA qualified ski instructor will be taking you all over the mountain to explore the terrain.

Keeping lessons challenging and fresh you will always find yourself being encouraged to try a little something out of your comfort zone, rewarding yourself with fast results. Tackling varied terrain on a daily basis is not only exciting but is key to your success!

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