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Big White Nightlife

From après-ski to night skiing, Big White has it all.

Those of us that are snow addicts can enjoy endless runs in to the night after normal lift closing hours. Just remember to chuck on that extra layer to keep warm in to the night. Your NBS hoody will work a treat!

When the legs start to tire its an indication to head in to the village to sample Big Whites après-ski entertainment. Every NBS student at Big White has a second home, Snowshoe Sam's. Inside there is endless entertainment from pub games to live music and themed parties organised throughout the season.

Big White Nightlife Picture

A typical Friday night will begin with our group meal in the villiage. We eat out as a group every Friday night before we go for drinks. Sometimes we will head straight to the bars other times we will all gather at a condo for pre drinks. With everything being a walk away you can walk to the liquor store in the village located at the rear of the supermarket to pickup your favourite tiple. As soon as everyone is ready to truly kick off the night we head to Sam's for our first pit stop.  

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