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Whistler Nightlife

Being the social snow capital of British Columbia, Whistler truly is the Las Vegas of the ski world, our words!

Another reason why we choose to run courses here is that it holds an astonishingly impressive social life. Whistler has a plentiful supply of bars and even a few clubs, so when the weekend comes around there are plenty of places for you to unwind and have a good time. A big part of what our course is all about. A place to meet new friends with a mutual interest for snowboarding. Having a few drinks or some food with new friends immersed in and around a sport you love is pretty special we think. It genuinely tops off the whole experience. All of our social events will be organised by our NBS reps, with a group meal out every Friday night at new restaurants and weekly cinema nights held within your accommodation.

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There are over 20 après ski venues for you to explore during your visit. 

A typical Friday night in Whistler is as follows. We all meet up in Longhorns for a cheeky one before heading off for a group meal, which is included as part of the course cost.  After eating we move on to one of a number of bars to begin the night. Depending on what your reps have organised this could be a bar crawl or just hit up a few bars before ending the night in a club.

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