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Lessons will be taken Monday through to Friday where you'll receive 5 hours of expert training each day. Being a dual discipline course you will initially focus on snowboarding during the first half of your course, moving on to the skiing segment to complete the second half of your training course. You will develop your individual riding and skiing skills along with teaching ability to ensure you are prepared for both your CASI & CSIA Level 1 exam.


Why I Teach CASI

All NothinButSnow snowboard instructors are dedicated to making sure you achieve your goals, pass your chosen course and have the most amazing time durring your lessons.

This video that was shot at our very own Big White gives a brief insight in to what makes a CASI instructor tick, what motivates them and what they real love about teaching you. Your'll be saying this very soon! Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy.

  • Price: £7800
  • When Do I Go: 12/01/15
  • Qualification: CSIA & CASI Level 1
  • Days Tuition: 46
  • Meals: Mon - Fri
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When developing your riding and skiing ability you will work on 5 main skills, these are interrupted slightly differently between skiing and snowboarding, but in essence follow the same principles of stance and balance, pivot and steering, edging, pressure control and rhythm and timing. Each skill enhances your technique and improves your overall ability on your skis or snowboard.

NothinButSnow uses video analysis within our lessons to aid in detecting a weakness in your riding style or within others. Through our regular video analysis sessions you will benefit from seeing where a correction needs to be made and also understand the skills involved with detecting these faults. Your ability to analyse a student is a key skill when working as a ski or snowboard instructor.

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All Canadian ski and snowboard qualifications are divided in to 2 parts. These consist of your skiing or snowboarding ability, whereby you must demonstrate manoeuvres and your teaching ability, where you can show your capacity to teach these skills to others.

Lessons will deliver specific training on the teaching skills a ski or snowboard instructor must possess. Here you will learn safety, lessons planning, performance analyses, class management and effective communications skills to name but a few to ensure your standard of teaching is at the appropriate standard to pass your examination.

Now this may sound a bit daunting, but believe us, you will thoroughly enjoy your lessons and be amazed at your understanding of both skiing and snowboarding by the end of your training programme.

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